What is the heating or cooling power of the HyWin facade?

April 2021

One of the main benefits of the HyWin system is that it allows to heat or to cool the room from the facade element without any additional heating or cooling in the room.

Subsequently, the often-asked question is the heating or cooling power of the HyWin facade. After several weeks of measurements under different conditions, we have a clear answer: The overall heat transfer coefficient between the HyWin element and the room reaches up to 7 W/m2K.

What does that mean? In the summertime at room temperatures of 23-24°C and a glass area of 4m2, this results in a cooling power up to 280 W. The temperature inside the window is limited by the condensation temperature (relative humidity in the room of about 50%).

As there no undesirable solar energy entering the room, the entire heat flow is used to compensate the internal heat sources (persons, lighting, electrical equipment).

In wintertime, the heat flow could be even higher than 280 W, as there is no condensation risk at higher temperatures. In absence of heat loses through the window, this is perfectly adequate to maintain the room temperatures at comfortable levels even when the outdoor temperature is very low.