Milestone Achievement

April 2021

The Swiss Climate Foundation informs us that the Milestone 4 report has been accepted. At the end of the winter season 20/21, HyWin is on track and 4 out of 6 milestones agreed with the Climate Foundation have been met. We would like to thank the Swiss Climate Foundation for the great and efficient collaboration!

The winter and the transition to spring have enabled us to verify the behavior both at low outside temperatures and during the rapid change from cold to warm. With outdoor temperatures below zero during the nights, the heat exchanger maintained the temperature in the façade element over 30°C. The power was controlled to compensate for heat losses and to create a comfortable climate in the room.
As soon as solar radiation increased during the morning hours, it was used to heat the air in the façade element, thus saving energy. Later, when the solar radiation continued to increase, the heat exchanger was switched to cooling mode so that the air temperature in the façade element remained below the room temperature.

The measurements now go into the summer phase, where the aim is to dissipate the solar radiation from the facade and keep the room at the desired temperature.