Milestone 5 achieved

October 2021
IMG_8943 Regenbogen

HyWin reaches milestone 5 of the agreement with Swiss Climate Foundation. This was the most demanding part of the test program: high solar radiation and outdoor temperatures combined with humidity. We were able to demonstrate that the HyWin facade could keep the room at a comfortable temperature, without any additional cooling measures.

We were able to beat the 2019 schedule agreed with the Swiss Climate Foundation by two months, despite the corona-related material delivery delays and a hail damage in June.

Our thanks goes to the Swiss Climate Foundation for their support, which enabled us to build this successful test unit and the FNHW Muttenz (University of Applied Science and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland), Prof. Achim Geissler, who accompanied us, reviewed and validated the milestone 5.

The measurements continue. Right now, the conditions are challenging. The highest solar radiation due to the flat angle of the sun in the afternoon and low temperatures during the night, so the system must switch frequently and smoothly between cooling and heating regimes to keep the room temperature constant. A challenge for the algorithm and also for the Dolder Electronic AG controller eNet1 which handles it brilliantly.

The next step will be the design a construction of a pilot unit, which should allow us to operate several HyWin façade elements in a real building.