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  June offered several days with exceptionally high temperatures close to 34°C and cloudless skies with high solar radiation. It allowed us to test the HyWin system under the most demanding circumstances. The “Process Chart” graph shows that  under these extreme conditions, the indoor temperature was maintained at a comfortable 24°C. Compared to a real...

HyWin took the opportunity to present its innovative concept for glass facades at the 2022 Comate show in Geneva. Picture: Claudio Meisser talks to Vincent Eckert, CEO of the Swiss Climate Foundation, the main sponsor of the HyWin Test Unit   See the presentation by Claudio Meisser HyWin Pitch Climate show Geneva 2022

IMG_8943 Regenbogen

HyWin reaches milestone 5 of the agreement with Swiss Climate Foundation. This was the most demanding part of the test program: high solar radiation and outdoor temperatures combined with humidity. We were able to demonstrate that the HyWin facade could keep the room at a comfortable temperature, without any additional cooling measures. We were able to...