HyWin Presentation at the «Fassade 2016»

October 2016

HyWin Presentation at the «Fassade 2016» conference in Lucerne organized by Prof. Dr. Andreas Luible, The Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture.

Optimized Closed-Cavity Hybrid Window for Glass Façades

Claudio Meisser and Jan Lipton, Switzerland

Short Abstract:
HyWin, the newly designed Closed Cavity window with an integrated highly efficient air/water heat exchanger and controlled air circulation allows the active control of the window behavior for different regimes of sun radiation and external temperatures from strong sun radiation on hot summer days to cold winter nights. The design, the results from experiments and simulations will be shown. The operational aspects of HyWin and the strategy for energy storage in ground probes for buildings with different user profiles such as offices, hotel or apartments will be discussed.


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