November 2019

HyWin leaves the laboratory stage

After a careful review, the Swiss Climate Foundation has decided to support the HyWin project. With this support, the development team will move on to the next phase of industrialization. A pilot unit, equipped with a 2.5 m high HyWin element, will be installed in a defined room, tested and measured under different climatic conditions. The commissioning is planned for spring 2020.

The mission of the Swiss Climate Foundation (Klimastiftung Schweiz) is to promote climate protection and strengthen Switzerland and Liechtenstein as business locations. Claudio Meisser emphasizes the match of the foundation’s environmental goals and the HyWin intentions.

Please read the communication:

Mitteilung der Klimastiftung

Message of the Foundation's CEO

November 2019

The Swiss trade journal for energy, heat, electricity, heating and ventilation, building automation, plumbing, safety and living "HK-Gebäudetechnik" publishes in its 11/2019 issue a detailed description of the HyWin system (in German) by Jürg Wellstein under the title

"Active facade improves room comfort and energy efficiency."

HK-Gebäudetechnik 11/2019

October 2019

In its special supplement "Smart Energy" Handelszeitung, the Swiss Business Paper, published a report by Jürg Wellstein on HyWin.

The report entitled "More comfort and energy efficiency" presents HyWin as a possible new solution for high-rise buildings with glass facades.

Schweizerische Handelszeitung Nr 40/2019

September 2019

Achim Geissler, Professor at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, FHNW in Muttenz (Switzerland), completed the HyWin simulation study supported by the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse.

The simulation gives a strong indication of the HyWin ability to ensure a comfortable indoor climate, both in summer and winter, without any additional  cooling or heating.

Don't hesitate to contact our team for further details

September 2019

The European  HyWin patent 3320275 has been granted

June 2019

Schindler's Magazine "Next_Floor" reports on HyWin

The biannual Schindler Elevator Journal reports on HyWin in its 1/19 issue on smarter building thanks to Swiss start-ups

Read  on page 11

next floor 1/2019 

September 2018

Claudio Meisser gives a HyWin presentation at the Brenet 2018 Status Seminar 

The biannual status seminar presents the results of Swiss research in the field of buildings and neighbourhoods with a focus on energy and environmental issues.

Please have a look at the presentation

BRENET Folien Claudio Meisser


August 2018

The German BauNetz publishes a report on HyWin

The HyWin design and function are well described in the regular column "Baunetz Wissen" (in German)

Glasfassade mit integriertem Wärmeschutz

August 2018

The HyWin Webpage has been refined and updated

After 2 years the webpage required some updates, such as the smartphone and tablet format, information about the outdoor tests as well as the upgraded simulation tool II.

August 2018

HyWin - outdoor test during the hot and humid summer 2018

The extraordinarily hot and humid summer 2018 is a very tough test for HyWin.  Even with outside temperature of 35°C and full sun exposure over a large part of the day, the temperature inside the HyWin cavity is maintained at the desired room level of around 22-23°C..

The high outside temperature also simulates the presence of internal heat sources, such as computers or  people, since in the test unit the "inside" window is actually exposed to the high external temperaures. HyWin fully absorbs, as expected, the heat that enters through the "inside window"

April 2018

HyWin - outdoor installation completed and tested

A new outdoor test unit test fully confirms the laboratory tests.  The energy removal from HyWin correlates with the global sun radiation. HyWin dynamically reacts to variations of sun radiation due to clouds  

January 2017

HyWin - successful test of the the cooling functionality

The test unit has been modified to measure the heat absorption  from internal heat sources.  The test results strongly suggest, that HyWin is able to compensate the usual internal heat sources in office buildings . Therefore no other cooling  devices are needed, making HyWin even more competitive.

October 2016

HyWin Presentation at the «Fassade 2016» Conference in Lucerne organized by Prof. Dr. Andreas Luible, The Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture

Optimized Closed-Cavity Hybrid Window for Glass Façades

HyWin HLSU Facade 2016_presentation

Claudio Meisser and Jan Lipton, Switzerland

Short Abstract:
HyWin, the newly designed Closed Cavity window with an integrated highly efficient air/water heat exchanger and controlled air circulation allows the active control of the window behavior for different regimes of sun radiation and external temperatures from strong sun radiation on hot summer days to cold winter nights. The design, the results from experiments and simulations will be shown. The operational aspects of HyWin and the strategy for energy storage in ground probes for buildings with different user profiles such as offices, hotel or apartments will be discussed.

January 2016

Article on HyWin by Meisser, Lipton and Humm published in Fassade 1/2016

Optimierte Closed-Cavity-Fenster