HyWin simulation and tools

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Two Excel based  simulation tools allow to investigate the HyWin behaviour and to extrapolate the experimental results

  • Instant Simulator
  • Seasonal Simulator

HyWin Instant Simulator II

Testing any combination of size, radiation, temperature and cooling/heating parameters parameters

The simulation results are in line with the experimental findings 

The example shows the simulated behavior of  the HyWin 1.44 m x 2.95 m on a sunny day (global radiation approx. 1'000 W/m²) on a hot day (30°C)

Inst Simulator II

HyWin Seasonal Simulator


Simulates the monthly behaviour of a building equipped with HyWin facade over a period of one year. 


Based on monthly average temperature and radiation data, the simulator estimates the heat flow from the four facades with different sun exposures into the geothermal field.


The simulator allows to look at the thermal behavior of the geothermal field under the influence of a HyWin facade, including a possible cooling to maintain the desired temperature of the geothermal field.


The thermal model used here is based on the relevant heat exchange between the room, outside atmosphere, the HyWin and the geothermal probe


Seasonal Simulator