Function and Benefits


  • HyWin is a Closed Cavity Facade equipped with sun shield and a compact, efficient heat exchanger for cooling or heating

  • Triple Isolating Glass is placed on the exterior and not in the interior. Therefore HyWin prevents any condensation in the cavity and requires any dry air supply

  • Efficient and compact heat exchanger is integrated in the HyWin Cavity and cools or heats the air in the cavity

  • Low noise fans control dynamically the heat transfer coefficient at the heat exchanger and homogenize the temperature in the cavity

  • Air up- and downstream are separated by an additional glass layer

  • HyWin is a compact unit without air exchange with the room.  



  • HyWin allows to control the temperature in the cavity

    • Temperature in cavity maintained  at room level prevents any undesirable heat flows between climate and room

    • Temperature in the cavity below room level provides for room cooling

    • Temperature in the cavity above room level provides for room heating

  • Therefore HyWin equipped buildings do not require any additional heating or cooling

  • The temperature in the cavity is always maintained between 15 and 35°C. Therefore there is no deterioration or damage to sun blinds and no condensation risk in the cavity. 

  • No additional cooling or heating required. Comfortable climate right up to the immediate vicinity of the window

  • Uses the energy collected from the facade to regenerate the geothermal probes

  • Improves the efficiency of heat pumps

  • Increases the usable space in the building

  • Low maintenance cost through use of proven and robust components

HyWin summer operation

Heat generated at the sun shield is completely removed by the downstream air flow

The heat exchanger cools the upstream airflow to temperatures below room level

The lower temperature in the cavity provides for room cooling

The energy removed from the cavity may be used to regenerate geothermal probe fields or other storage media

In summertime the heat exchanger works mostly without heat pumps

Systemzeichnung 1 2018_01_12

HyWin winter operation

The HyWin building is well isolated against low temperatures by a high tech triple isolating glass

Water of 25….30 °C flows through the heat exchanger, heating the upstream air flow without or with minimum speed of the radial fans

The heated cavity will  produce an excellent comfort level in the room

The heat pumps operate at coefficient of performance (COP) of 6….8 due to the low temperature difference

Systemzeichnung 3 2018_01_12